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Im bored of winter......
The importance of Water
Getting your body ready for summer
Importance of a Tan
SkinCare Tips


Spray Tan
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Im bored of winter......

Sitting at work today I looked out of the window and saw the rain beating down.
The sky was grey and all I fancied was a nice hot cup of tea and some buttery toast .
I love the seasons but I cannot wait for spring to arrive. Theres nothing nicer than showing off a good tan and some sparkly nails.

Roll on sunshine
However I did do some nice wintery nails today. Below is a pic of CND Shellac Rubble with a layer of VIP status gold.

At least if the weather is dull we can still add a little shimmer ..

The importance of Water

The importance of drinking water 

Getting your body ready for summer

W've had a few hot days now and I can’t help think that summer is right around the corner. With summer comes bikini ready skin! If your not feeling prepared, then heres a few helping hints and tips...

Exfoliating is the removal of all the dead skin that sits on the top layer of your skin. Its a great way to make your body look healthy and have a good glow. Its great fro the movement of blood and of course it makes you glow and shine. Well your skin at least

Hair Removal

I tend to run a razor everywhere and get left with heat prickles and that shade of grey where the arm pit hair is growing but not quite long enough to shave.

Importance of a Tan

I am a true believer that having a tan can help you to conquer almost anything..
Just a golden glow to the skin can help us feel healthier happier and more confident.
It covers a multiple of sins and makes everything we wear look better.
A good spray tan is applied in minutes and lasts for at least a week

SkinCare Tips

Skincare Tips

We are all guilty of being in a hurry but the worst thing in the world (honestly its that dramatic) is to look in the mirror and see that you have "in a hurry" all across your face.
Dark circles, runny mascara, spots ... well lets look at how to reduce/get rid of them


The age old beauty tip is to remove all traces of make up when you go to bed. Drunk or Sober, Tired or not please please remove. This will make so much of a different to your overall appearance and quality of your skin when you wake up.