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There is not just one shade of solution just like there is not just one shade of person. - NO TANGO
I will assess your skin tone and discuss the shade I recommend for you. 
Here I have put together a few popular questions that my clients usually ask me.
I hope you will find it helpful. If however you don't find an answer to your question here, then please feel free to contact me

Q. What Tan do you use?
A. I use 3 tans. For a tan that lasts 5/7 days I use Tantrick. For a longer lasting tan with excellent skin coverage I use either Tantrick or Nouvatan (depending on your skin pigmentation) and for my rapid tan ( develops within 2 hrs and available to be washed off in 2 hrs) I use LA TAN.

 Q. Spray Tanning in my house? How does this work?
A. A pop up tent will be provided for you to stand in and this is where you will be sprayed. So please don't have visions of tan running down your walls! The tent will catch any spray that doesn't reach your body. 

Q. Will I turn orange?
I am pleased to say that the days of not being able to find a tan that will not turn you orange, are well and truly over! Spray tanning has come a long way in the last few years and the tans I use have worked extremely hard to make sure they deliver us with nothing but -  a natural, golden looking tan. 

Q. I would really love to book a spray tan but I don't like my body and don't feel comfortable with standing with nothing on.
A. You wont have to stand completely naked unless you want to. Some of my clients wear an old bikini or old underwear. I have some clients that wear a swimming costume. It's however you feel comfortable. I guarantee that after your tan, you will be feeling amazing!! 
Q. What about my hair?
A. Tanning wont stain your hair but a cap will be provided for you to wear. 

Q. Will the tan stain my bed sheets?
A. No we will not stain your bedsheets. Put them on a hot wash an it will all wash out. 

Q. I'm going away on holiday, will the tan stop me from getting a natural tan from the sun?
A. NO! Spray tan solution does not contain S.P.F (sun protection factor) Therefor it is very important that you still make sure you protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays, making sure you wear an S.P.F. Using non- oily products will help your tan to last longer.

 Q. I quite like the idea of a Tanning party but i'm not comfortable with my friends seeing me getting this done.
A. This is something that I am very strict with at parties and will make it clear at the beginning that only the person being sprayed at that time will be allowed in the room. That goes for peeping husbands too!  Leading up to Your TanTo get the best results from your spray tan it is important to prep your skin properly. You will need to...
  • Exfoliate your whole body, paying attention to dry areas such as knees, elbows & ankles.
  • wax or shave 48 hours before.
  • Moisturise your skin especially if it is dry.
  • paint toe nails in your regular colour or with a clear coat. This will stop the tan from staining them.
 On the dayPlease make sure that your skin is free from:
  • Deodorant (this can be removed just before with soap & water)
  • Moisturiser
  • Make up
  • Perfume
If you wish to shower before hand, it is advisable to do this 2 hours prior. After Your Tan please make sure that you have
  • loose dark clothing, a dressing gown is best.
  • If you are coming to me, please feel free to bring your pyjamas. You will need something light on your feet. Flip fops are best.
  • Please prepare for rain as your tan doesn't like water until it has fully developed. 

Portable Tent - Relaxed Easy Tanning
Portable Tent - Relaxed Easy Tanning
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