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Eyelash Extensions Explained....
 Eyelash extensions are now becoming increasingly popular with clients of all ages!
Did you know that our eyes are usually the first thing that people notice?
Q Individual Lashes, what are they?
A. Each extension is just like a natural lash and is placed on top of your natural lash
Lashes come in different lengths and thicknesses to give you the desired look that you are wanting to achieve. We will work out what is best for you and discuss this during your consultation. 
Our eyelashes grow for around 30 days and then rest for the remainder of their life. 
The average life span for the eyelash is approximately 3 months.
 So as your natural lash falls out - your eyelash extension will too! 
Therefore it is recommended that after 3 weeks you will need to  have your lashes filled in.  
Q. How many lashes will I need?
A This will depend on the look you are wanting to achieve.
 Choose from a half set for a lighter more natural look or a full set for fuller, thicker lashes.We have in total, about 90 - 160 lashes on our upper eyelid. 

 Q. How long will my lashes last?
Your lashes can last up to 1 year with regular maintenance appointments, depending on how well you look after them and also on your type of lifestyle. It is recommended that you have infills every 3 weeks to keep them looking in tip top condition.

Q How long is this treatment?
Treatment times may vary, depending on the amount of lashes you have to work with but you are looking at about 1 hr to 1.5 hours for a full set and 30 - 45 mins for a half set.
Infills can take between 30 to 45 mins.

Q Are lashes suitable for everyone?

No not everyone will be suitable for this treatment. If you answer yes to any of these questions then unfortunately this treatment is not for you... Do you have weak eyelashes?Have you had a positive reaction to your patch test?Are you suffering with a stye?Cuts,abrasions, or swelling in the area?Eye infections such as conjunctivitis or Bleperitus?Dry eye syndrome?Claustrophobia? - eyes will have to remain closed throughout the treatment so it is not advisable to have this treatment if you cannot keep your eyes closed for this length of time.  

Full set - and a full set of lashes is what you will get!  Every single lash will be extended with a lash extension.

 Half set - If you don't want lots of lashes but just want a light, natural look then a half set will be the treatment to choose for you.

Glamour Lashes - A full set of lashes plus... Extra Length, Extra Thickness Extra Lashes.. Think the full on Glamour look 

 Infills - So you have had your eyelashes on for 3 weeks now. Some have fallen out. Go for the infill treatment to get those lashes looking back to the way they were.

Please note: An infill treatment will only be provided if you have your next treatment within 3 weeks. If you have decided to leave it longer than this then you may need to choose the 'half set' treatment.
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