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How does waxing work?

Never been waxed before? Here's how it works...

Your hair, be it leg, underarm or bikini, ideally needs to be no shorter than 5mm (0.5 cm or 1/4 "). An acurate example of the minimum hair length required for successful waxing is this capital i  > I <

You will be positioned comfortably on my waxing couch used in a salon. The areas to be waxed will be lightly cleansed with pre-wax lotion applied with cotton wool pads. This eliminates dirt, deoderant, perfume and moisturiser residue. Warm creme wax will then be thinly applied to the area of hair with a small wooden spatula. A muslin or paper strip is then smoothed directly over the wax, and then quickly removed - just like pulling sellotape off.

When the whole area has been waxed, a nice soothing oil is applied to the skin. It's as quick, simple and easy as that!

A  professional salon wax should last for between three to six weeks depending on your normal rate of regrowth.
 Regular waxing is known to slow and soften the hair regrowth. You're guaranteed at least three weeks of hairless looking skin. Just imagine your summer holiday without having to pack a razor or any smelly depilatory creams - no stubble, cornbeef legs or dark shadowy armpits. What a luxury!

Don't be put off by having tried waxing at home with cold wax strips. They hurt! Professional warm creme salon wax is actually a pleasant sensation when applied and does not hurt like the aggressive home-use cold wax strips. A professional wax is much more gentle on the skin and the process is very rapid. It's a joy compared to the do-it-yourself method. No contorting yourself into impossible positions, the discomfort of aggressive cold wax, or gritting your teeth and bracing yourself for the pulling. Just lay back and let me do all the hard work - and get to those awkward bits you can't reach.

Do's and Don'ts BEFORE Waxing
DO... if you're having a bikini wax trim the hair slightly first. It will minimise the pulling on the hair during waxing and therefore reduce any discomfort. It also ensures that wax is not grabbed by other long curly hairs that are not due to be waxed.
Don't... book a waxing for the same day you are due to attend a special event or function as your skin will need a few hours to settle.
DOn't... moisturise your legs prior to a wax.
Don't... have a hot bath prior to a wax.

Do's and Don'ts AFTER Waxing
DO... moisturise all waxed areas daily. This will help prevent any ingrowing hairs. Regular exfoliation is also beneficial.
Don't... have a hot bath immediately after waxing.
Don't... apply deoderant, perfume or make-up to freshly waxed areas for up to 24 hours.
Don't... use a sunbed, sunbathe, or go swimming for up to 24 hours.
These precautions will elimate the risk of infection to freshly waxed hair follicles and allow the skin time to recover. Dotty skin is typical and completely normal after a wax and this will disappear in a few hours.

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