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Hairy Bits
"Showing off your hairy legs, wet armpits and scraggly bikini-line  to a stranger, not to mention your grottiest knickers, It's not the greatest experience is it?"
I used to apologise to the beautician waxing my legs "I'm sorry, my legs and armpits are RRRRREALLLLY disgusting.... Sorry about my knickers, they're not my normal ones, I've worn my old ones..."

Well, the hairier you are the better. It certainly makes my job a lot easier and the whole experience a lot quicker for you too. If the hair's obvious it's easier to see, clings more easily to the wax, and therefore the job gets done a whole lot faster with exceptionally pleasing results.

Very few people are lucky enough to be hairless or blessed with a virtually invisible fine blonde down. The rest of us need a bit of extra help - and it's only hair. I look like I'm wearing a gorilla suit prior to having a wax!

And don't apologise for your knickers either, I don't want to be worrying about getting wax residue on someone's favourite briefs, I want to be concentrating on giving you the perfect bikini line. It's not a fashion show!

Seeing you in the street...
Lots of people say to me "But I knowww you. It'd be embarassing. If I see you in Sainsburys you'll know what my bits look like!"
Unfortunately I don't have a photographic memory (that disappeared shortly after having a baby!). Not only that but I see so many legs, armpits and pubes that I'm hardly likely to remember yours.
So don't worry about it. Do you really think I'd want to memorise everyone's hairy bits? I just want you to enjoy the benefits of waxing so much that you come back regularly !
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